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When Tunisia can get their act together and have the border with Libya firmly secured, they have a prime opportunity to profit and open up a vastly undersold part of their modern history, the original Star Wars film was shot in Tunisia, how cool is that?

For Tunisia to come back fighting in the Near East tourism arena, which we all hope happens, they really should attempt to pull something out of the bag that is exclusively different to their pre-bandit-invasion offering, and add an entirely new layer of excitement and value to the Tunisia Experience and, get a whole new audience fired up about going to Tunisia, all year round.

There's an on-land legacy to mine with Star Wars. People would flood in to see, stay at, and to be part of the Mos Eisley or Tattooine experience, it's a no brainer, and with the correct marketing, tourists wouldn’t stop coming. Further to discussion with the Tunisian Embassy, we had put a whole outline together in the above to present to the Tunisian Tourism Minister during her recent visit to London, but that meet didn’t happen. The Tunisia experience is something we all want to see and visit again and again, and with the substantial efforts being put into security in Tunisia at the moment, that experience might not be too far away, hopefully.

Screen Shot 2015 12 18 at 00.17.46Mos Eisley - Part of The Tunisia Experience?

Screen Shot 2015 11 22 at 23.34.44

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