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Mohammad Mehdi Hajmohammadi defines Mullah Madness as he justified the closure of 547 restaurants for violations that flirt with Trivial Pursuit.

Given the corrupt nature of the Persian mafia state masquerading as a strict Mohammadan theocracy, one wonders if more than a few envelopes of payola came in light as Shiite soldati were seen as short on tribute.

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Iranian police have shut down 547 restaurants and cafes in Tehran for not observing “Islamic principles”, the capital’s police chief said Saturday.

“The owners of restaurants and cafes in which Islamic principles were not observed were confronted, and during this operation 547 businesses were closed and 11 offenders arrested,” Hossein Rahimi said in statement on the policeforce website.

Fars news agency said the operation was carried out over the past 10 days.

To read more on The Guardian:

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