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lawrenceklepperLawrence Klepper 

As an artist, Gallery Management Instructor, Gallery Director, Independent Curator, and Special Exhibitions Coordinator for City art museums, college art galleries, and commercial galleries in California & Utah, and for private collections, Klepper has been involved in producing over 200 professional art events, shows and exhibitions.

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This selection of Series P paintings offers a body of work that is always searching, changing, altering and shows a progression that perfectly demonstrates Klepper’s intellectual clarity and aesthetic ability. He pushes the boundaries of complex relationships between color and composition that generates a distinctive sense of movement [rhythm] within and between works. There is also a distinctly architectural element, an inherent framework within these paintings that grounds the compositions and holds together disparate elements; a multi-layered surface that divides and reconstructs the space. In this way, he forges an imaginative interplay between interior and exterior spaces—opening up multiple focal points and visual relationships for the viewer. Step closer and the small details, minute textural shifts, and color fluctuations begin to come into focus.

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An MFA graduate from California State University, Long Beach, Larry retired from El Camino College, although he continues to work as an Assistant Professor of Humanities for the College of Extended and International Education at California State University, Dominquez Hills. Recipient of The Excellence in Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity Award, 2015. The award recognizes distinguished CSUDH faculty who are working at the leading edge of their discipline and contributing to human knowledge. Awarded in recognition of research achievements, 2012 - 2014.

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Lawrence Klepper

Address - California State University, Dominguez Hills - 1000 E Victoria St, Carson, CA 90747, United States

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