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Some of you might recall recent news of a recent clamp down on ‘dealer-rings’? 

After some research into this perplexing and seemingly uncalled for enhancement of an existing law, it became clear to us at AAD, that it was, as Lewis so eloquently pointed out, a one sided enhancement, with no mention of auctioneers having to abide by any new laws or adjust certain unsavoury  and well known patterns of behaviour. So, we took the initiative, and sent the following letter to Prime Minister David Cameron.


The Prime Minister's office got back to us shortly after, with this response below, and we look forward to reporting on the outcome of this correspondence  in the near future.



About the Author

Elliot Lee

Elliot Lee

Elliot Lee founded his antique business in 1994. Having bought his first Antique piece at the tender age of eleven, it has since then been his passion for Antiques, Fine Art, and aesthetically beautif...