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 Editor's Note: If one were to look at present WW2 railways and what we have today, the difference would be far greater. Post World War Two, the United States built these things called highways. The largest of all are called federal interstates. While the political divide of Ireland may have had issues, post war economic development relied on highways not railroads.

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You can see it in all the long abandoned railway lines that run for miles toward abandoned viaducts and unused stone and steel bridges, remarkable feats of 19 century engineering that serve no purpose now except to be explored by spirited teens on a summer's day out. 

Within a few decades of partition the once remarkable national Irish rail network, which had functioned like a countrywide central nervous system, was ripped out. 

We in Donegal would find ourselves politically decapitated, as two centuries of developing trade and commerce links were suddenly cut, collateral damage in a wider political redistricting.

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