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Editor's Note: Besides Merkel's incompetence on the migrant issue, this bitter little fellow Juncker may be the best symbol of what failed Europe. A politician not elected by the populace and keeping an enemies list, personifies democracy derailed.

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Juncker cubJean Claude Juncker - Unelected by the populace

The European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, says he keeps a little black book containing the names of people who have betrayed him.

For years Mr Juncker's devotion to the cause of EU integration has irritated Eurosceptics and national leaders who want to curb the EU's powers.

Mr Juncker told the Belgian daily, Le Soir, that he called his book "Little Maurice". "It's where for 30 years I've made a note when someone betrays me." He did not reveal who was named in it.

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