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First published 26.6.2016

“Brexit” was a triumph of democracy. Prime Minister Cameron kept his word, and delivered the United Kingdom something which the EU commissars never have, and never will. What we saw on Thursday of last week, was a democratic break through: the decision for democracy over dictatorship in the UK, the ballot box in action, which has voted in the face of unelected Euro bureaucrats sited in a nation best known as a speed bump for rampaging armies of years ago.

These Franco-German paper shufflers were never going to be transparent, competent, or answerable to voters should and when their ponderous decisions turn out to be unwise. The people have spoken, and will have to work on a lesser budget, and entirely cease throwing good money away on lazy social experiments that don’t work, such as Greece, or worse, refuse to defend exterior borders, post bail out.

This is a triumphant moment for civilisation. The deficit of democracy in the EU has always been a peculiar anomaly, with the Anglo-American hope being that the ballot box is the final arbiter for major decisions. The ballot box as a route to democracy, is sometimes not so pretty, but it works, and has done on this occasion. Whether the commissars of a new millennium take notice, is up to them. One thing is for sure though, they ignore and rough shod over democracy and voters at their peril. Eurocrats answerable to Germany behind the scenes, was never a viable option or form of government.

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