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Lost in December 1942, what is thought to be the only salvaged He-115 in existence, has been towed to the shore where a crane lifted it from the water.

Using sonar equipment, Norwegian mappers located the aircraft in 2005, and in June of 2012, after fundraising by the Sola Aircraft Museum, it was raised from the bottom of the fjord, suspended below the surface from a barge, and brought to shore.

This incredibly rare twin engine three-seater plane was purchased by the Norwegian Navy Air service in 1939. Norway surrendered to German Forces in April of 1940, at which point the Germans used the airplane against allied convoys sailing in the direction of the Soviet Union. It was lost in December of 1942, and the entire crew survived, even managing to remove the starboard engine and remaining floats. It has remained at the bottom of the fjord for almost 70 years.

All things considered, the aircraft is in remarkable condition due to minimal currents and coming to rest in low oxygen silt. The he-115 may well be restored.

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Screen Shot 2016 06 14 at 14.28.10A German Heinkel He 115B of 1./Küstenfliegergruppe 206 on a crane.

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