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They do say that great minds think alike, so the question has to be asked, how does Prime Minister Cameron and his 'remain' camp feel about Lord Neil Kinnock being the latest signatory and call center helper in his campaign? Perhaps that big government patronage plum Lord Neil Kinnock has milked for so very long, i.e. the EU, is starting to get worried about the fact that British voters can see through the micro-thin veneer of insincerity, and the commissars of the EU know it. What on earth were they thinking around the EU bureaucrat battle table? Send in Lord Neil Kinnock, the secret weapon? If that's it, then the remain camp is all washed up and out of ideas.

The idea of a European union is not bad, and we all love Europe and its various traditions and cultures, but the current version of the EU is now a cancerous mass of unelected officials that recent events have proven to be dysfunctional, unresponsive to the democratic wishes of electorates all over, and it should simply be put down. In Parliament, when a government passes the point of no return, a vote of no confidence happens. The European parliament is one in name only, as it doesn't have such powers. 

Ask yourselves, did you vote for Jean-Claude Juncker to be President of the European Commission? Is anyone confident in the way Europe is run regarding borders, migrants, Greece, Financial Constraint, Turkey or Russia?

Juncker cubJean-Claude Juncker

Who voted for Jean-Claude Juncker?


Jean-Claude Junker makes an ass of himself as a citizen of Luxembourg; a NATO flyspeck best known in the recent annals of military history for being a speed bump for German or American armour. Generously listed at spending .47% of GNP on defense, Luxembourg falls far under the 2% NATO minimum devoted to defence allocation, so where does such a postage-stamp-statesman get off advocating a delusional EU army when they can't even meet current commitments? How does Luxembourg suddenly forget their NATO history? 

Intoxicated on their own hubris and at our expense, perhaps.

Juncker is working on theory as opposed to reality. An EU with its own army, dreamt up by Luxembourg. Why are Luxembourg dreams even allowed to be aired, and why is the government of Luxembourg not putting Juncker in his place? This in itself, shows us how deluded the unaccountable and unelected European Union cabal has become, and now Lord Neil Kinnock being brought in as the EU heavy artillery? Please, spare us the memories. 

In summation, Prime Minister Cameron has 'reached out' to nearly every socialist far 'left' politician that will listen or take notice. If this were a general election, the remain camp would most certainly be vilified for such behaviour. This is more serious than simple political 'flip-flopping' as stated in some of the British press, this is a betrayal of trust, and watching and listening to it, is enough to make you want to vomit. What we are seeing in the EU debate so far, essentially, is a live and real time transformation of what the undemocratic EU money / power tree can do to some current, and ex British politicians. 

We attended a 'Leave' Rally on Saturday (the atmosphere of which was more 'movement' like than anything), at Forman's Fish Island, adjescent to the Olympic Park, in London. Below some images of that rally which was passionate, meaningful and whose speakers stated their case eloquently, clearly and with sincerity.

Screen Shot 2016 06 05 at 16.18.29Forman's Fish Island, Adjescent to the Olympic Park 

Anish1 minAnish Kapoor at the Olympic Park, London

Boris12345Boris Johnson, Former Mayor of London delivering a speech at the Leave Rally

Screen Shot 2016 06 05 at 16.59.15Zaha Hadid Design at the Olympic Park

 Screen Shot 2016 06 05 at 17.38.24Right Honourable Priti Patel, at the Leave Rally

Screen Shot 2016 06 05 at 17.42.20Boris Johnson

Leave2 minThe Right Honourable Michael Gove

Sol5 minSol Campbell Votes Leave

Screen Shot 2016 06 05 at 16.59.38ART at the 'Leave' Rally

Screen Shot 2016 06 05 at 18.00.24ART at the 'Leave' Rally

Leave3aThe Right Honourable Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Justice, and a Queens Park Rangers Fan

Screen Shot 2016 06 05 at 14.34.16Right Honourable Priti Patel, MInister of State for Employment -  at the Leave Rally

Leave1Sol Campbell, at the Leave Rally - best England centre back ever? 

Screen Shot 2016 06 05 at 16.19.55Clear and Concise Agenda

Screen Shot 2016 06 02 at 01.33.15

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