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The waters are rising again in Paris. After days of torrential rains, the Seine rose to 6.3 (21 feet) meters, the highest level in more than 30 years and more rain is expected. The Musee d’Orsay is closed, as is the Louvre, which is moving artwork in storage and in lower levels to higher floors.

Following the artwork installation by JR on I.M Pei’s iconic pyramid on 25 May, crowds at the Louvre were at a record capacity. Thursday night, when I went to the (excellent) exhibition , “A Revolutionary Museum, Alexandre Lenoir’s Museum of French Monuments” – almost nobody was there. Even the giant Apple store at the Carousel de Louvre was quiet.

Paris has had floods before. In the 1990’s, in the 1950’s, and most famously in 1910 when much of Paris was flooded. And the Louvre put a plan in place – and tested it, just a few months ago.

Much of the artwork currently in storage is meant to move to Northern France in 2019. But before then – the Seine may rise again.

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