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Statement of Domenico Scala

"On the occasion of its meeting of yesterday, the FIFA Congress has delegated the election, or the dismissal respectively, of the members of the independent supervisory bodies – such as the Ethics Committee, the Appeal Committee, the Audit and Compliance Committee and the Governance Committee – to the exclusive competence of the FIFA Council.

With this decision, it will henceforth be possible for the Council to impede investigations against single members at any time, by dismissing the responsible Committee members or by keeping them acquiescent through the threat of a dismissal. Thereby, those bodies are factually deprived of their independence and are in danger of becoming auxiliary agents of those whom they should actually supervise.

I am consternated about this decision, because it undermines a central pillar of the good governance of FIFA and it destroys a substantial achievement of the reforms. For this reason, I herewith declare my immediate resignation as President of the Audit and Compliance Committee of FIFA.

Since the announcement of the resignation of the former President last June, I had pushed on various levels and vigorously for the elaboration and adoption of a comprehensive reform package for FIFA. At the end of February of this year, the Congress finally approved a future-oriented package and thereby paved the way for FIFA to a more credible future.

This decision still fills me with satisfaction and also a certain pride. Whether the adopted reform points will now really be filled with flesh and blood, remains open for the time being. My resignation shall also be a wake-up call and shall give backing to those persons involved, who genuinely advocated for implementing the reforms until today. I would like to prompt all of them: Keep going like this, FIFA needs and deserves your commitment and your consistent action.“

Under agenda item 12, the FIFA Congress yesterday approved the following permission for the appointment of members of the supervisory bodies:

The Council proposes that the Congress authorise the Council to appoint the office holders for the remaining vacant positions within the respective committees of the judicial bodies*, the Audit & Compliance Committee and of the Governance Committee until the 67th FIFA Congress and to dismiss any office holder of these committees until the 67th FIFA Congress, which shall come into effect immediately.”

*Ethics Committee, Appeal Committee and Disciplinary Committee.

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