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Britons staggered as they agree with Theresa May's brilliant summary of Covid in the UK.

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Theresa May has received huge praise on Twitter after she called on the Government to be "upfront" with the public about what the future will look like, including that "we will not eradicate" Covid-19 from the UK. The former prime minister said deaths from Covid will also continue in future and highlighted the thousands of flu deaths which occur in the country each year which Brits have described as "spot on". Mrs May added people living in the UK will also "never be able to travel abroad ever again" if ministers argue international travel cannot be reopened until there are no new variants of the virus elsewhere in the world.

Taking to Twitter, one Brit wrote: "I don't really do political stuff it generates all kinds of toxic scrutiny on here but Theresa May has this spot on."

Another added: "Theresa May talking complete common sense. People will continue to die of Covid, but no more than other illnesses/diseases.

"Life can’t continue with continuous lockdowns."

Read more on The Express:

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