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The Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski Thesis, Part 3: Ostdeutschland, in ihren eigenen Worten


In this the final part to Dr. Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski's doctoral thesis publication trilogy, we see pages 120 to 189 which further provide an in depth and first hand account of an operating system in place in communist East Germany (GDR) from 1970 onwards.

This document was kept in Eric Mielke's safe at the Stasi Headquarters in East Berlin.

Eric Mielke (GDR Army General and Stasi boss) was, among other high ranking GDR Stasi officials, a signatory to this doctoral thesis, a thesis which remained in play as an East German and Soviet strategic roadmap until shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall in November of 1989, never before seen in public until now. 

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7C6F9E9E 489F 4B07 813C 9A87AC4B5734Dr. Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski

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880317D5 12C6 4A3D AC3F AFB0D093AE91 

20FD8156 1432 4F74 BA9B D8496D88D660GDR Army General and Stasi boss Eric Mielke - image taken c1970

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DF3A66D8 0FA9 4858 8FC7 D9B653E6896E 

129DACDA D0B7 4CBB 9039 C190A5D6BC4ABautzner Straße Memorial is a former remand prison of the GDR / Stasi in Dresden 582087B1 124A 45FB BDA1 2E9B69815656

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5B0529BB 71F2 47B5 9BE7 33A687930365

F20F942C 5A53 4FCA 95F5 8D7BA519B837Vladimir Putin Stasi officer (far left), Matthias Warnig Stasi officer (centre left), and possibly Sergey Chemezov (centre)

6387AA61 8992 490A AFF6 8F471647D3D9

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35DC1EA1 DC8C 4383 9D2E 573A2E41BEEE

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2866FAF0 0E41 4A7A A952 198788B8C434

47900581 BC51 4E8F AB14 F4D18F1124C5East German people celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall c1989

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E81BB637 3ECE 438E 89B3 12F9D6CFD376 

D3D0B7C3 E403 4F13 BCA0 D4F1D052BC25

E9891779 BFEF 48AC B1F4 36F92C1EAD09

8A6F1736 6141 43D2 81FE 338995630457

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7F7481BE 7CB0 4FE3 B7A0 0D4B0379D6A0

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F5301AE4 2B0E 459A 97F4 A6ABDEB36D96

4C32695B B154 47E5 BBF6 D40F85190DDAThe good old days - Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski (far left) Gerold Tandler (second from left) Gunther Mittig (signatory to this thesis, third from left) Josef Strauss (German politician), Theodore Waigel (German Politician) and Erich Honecker, leader of the GDR 1971-1989

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EB8E1DE1 8189 455A BD20 DA6C1E65E3B1

37D560C9 5459 4E4D 8911 F66D679EFE2D

0127A0B6 7573 4E1D 9B9D AF1A91D433DD

BF955237 9EAE 4DF5 8978 2E40A9B23580

667923C2 F12B 4F39 B570 99CA088EB1B4

F156AD9E EE65 4700 B505 805C41D156DCLeonard Brezhnev and Erich Honecker "the socialist kiss" CCE7BA42 E3C3 4251 B43B 463D36DDD0EE

1429AAE7 9CF2 4091 B142 164513B7A15A

93D17A26 1846 4DE4 A949 A4D184310E98

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F6CF664E D196 46FF 91A5 5776B7B1BB56

B73C0C14 5010 41DB B97C E6D62B8FE19C

0D787C86 B8A5 4B32 A79B 770300BEFCAD

27B4774D 38FE 44A1 8C30 C4264C260983Dr. Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski

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