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Recent news headlines included a brazen Hollywood style caper to hit London’s jewellry district, however, a much bigger heist recently happened in Moldova, this one likely in cahoots with Moscow.

One billion dollars worth of faux loans courtesy Russian thugs likely looting Moldova's financial system via rigged "loans" just as election polls showed that a European Union friendly coalition was about to win the election. One hint to Moscow, when people sell out they prefer a high bidder to a low bidder, and they especially don’t like a “no bidder”, which is what Moscow is these days, with the plunge in the price of oil. Being an oil station run by a mafia gang, functions only when it is profitable. Even pirates adhere to a code of conduct; always pay the crew. Now the theory is, that Russia just wants to steal...

Check this out on Yahoo.

$1 billion disappears -- and Moldova looks for answers

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