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The giant gas pipeline being built in the Baltic from Russia direct to Germany finally hit an obstacle not found under water.

This came from the United States Senate which overwhelmingly passed a measure today enacting sanctions on those involved in this latest effort by the Russians and their German enablers to amplify western purchases of Russian natural gas.

As the art world has been suffocated by various banking float games conveniently described as Anti Money Laundering (AML) Laws, this measure finally hits the bad guys where it hurts, right in the pocketbook.

Perhaps instead of punishing the wealthy this is a sign we punish the guilty or at least just those actively involved in conspiracies to get around sanctions passed after Russia invaded the Ukraine.

Gerhard Schroeder should be at the top of the list.

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US lawmakers on Tuesday approved sanctions on companies and governments working on the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will link Germany with Russian gas. 

Companies providing services such as pipe laying are being targeted, as Washington tries halt the completion of the $10.5 billion (€9.6 billion) pipeline, which would transport gas under the Baltic Sea. 

The sanctions, which overwhelmingly passed in the House last week, are expected to be signed into force as part of a defense spending bill by US President Donald Trump later this week.

To read more on DW:

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