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On the subject of a hard Brexit, it appears that The Right Honourable Prime Minister Boris Johnson has an ambassador to Brussels whom they should be very familiar with, or, should, in the event that they are unawares of ambassador's name, make themselves familiar with: his name is Mr. F*ck You !!!

The very idea of an unelected European Union leader could be so condenscending to the results of the democratic process, shows how a small cabal of globalists are so out of touch with the very foundations of western civilization.

A vote occurred, Brexit won, deal with it.

A couple of years later the European Parliament has a vote and nobody wins, yet Angela Merkel's incompetent defence secretary (who presided over the non compliance of NATO budget minimums while straining the infrastructure of neighbours with the migrant crisis) gets tapped to replace the equally ineffective Junker as leader of the Dysfunctional European Union (DEU) .

In light of such circumstances, Mr. Boris Johnson could not have made a wiser choice. Bravo.

Elliot Lee

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