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This article was written by one of, if not the most thorough and knowledgable people in the world on the subject of the now defunct East German secret police force, The Ministry for State Security (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, MfS), the Stasi for Short.

Mr. David Crawford (the co-author) told us that Vladimir Putin's inner circle were thoroughly interviewed for this article, in which case, it would seem that the current Russian President does have an in depth knowledge of poison and how to administer such material, further to acquiring a copy of a deadly poisons study during his time in Dresden.

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In August 1985, Putin arrives in the East German backwoods. His official position is consular officer. But his real job, as a major in the Russian intelligence service, is to recruit spies in the GDR. This is not a place he really wants to be. Spies dream of serving at stations in enemy territory, of obtaining important information. Being stationed in an allied nation, and then in Dresden, far away from the capital – not very exciting. But at the age of 32, Putin is still at the beginning of his career: he has spent ten years in the KGB and this is his first real foreign assignment.

His closest colleague in the first two years is Vladimir Usoltsev. During this time they know everything about each other. The two men share an office and even a desk in the attic of the KGB building in Angelikastraße 4. The office is sometimes too hot or too cold.

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