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European banks are financing a Russian construction project as the latter nation wages a war against a country most pipelines transit.

Why not sanction the banks and the Russians, and deduct costs of damages done to Ukraine, plus costs of rebuilding? 

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In the extreme conditions of Russia’s far northern Yamal peninsula, 500km from the nearest town, thousands of workers are drilling 1.7km through permafrost for a contentious resource.

The natural gas from Yamal’s Bovanenkovo field is intended to reach Europe via the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline — a 1,230km project linking Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea that has split Europe and sparked threats of sanctions from the US. Critics of the project, due to enter service this year, contend that it will keep Europe hooked on Russian gas and deprive Ukraine of billions of dollars earned from allowing gas across its territory. 

To read more on the Financial Times:

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