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Alex Boyle is based in New York USA, and writes on a variety of subjects.

In an age of Politically Correct madness where pleasing everyone supercedes basic liberties, the weak frauds who inhabit the bench of the United Kingdom have imprisonsed Tommy Robinson for live streaming outside of a court. Since he was under suspended sentence for previous issues with said intoxicated judges, he got hit with 13 months behind bars, for contempt of court.

Being the United Kingdom, which apparently has not learned the lessons of 1776, said retarded judge forbid all press from commenting upon this griegious breech of basic liberty.

King John was arrested for similar antics in 1215. This is the rot of Labor appointed judges drunk on their sense of power and priviledge. Prime Minister Theresa May redefines 'useless coward' for not removing said judge from the bench.

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fag judgeWitless with wig Judge Geoffrey Marson QC admitted that he barely watched Robinson's livestream,

In 1765 Patrick Henry said it best in front of the Virginia House of Burgesses, "Give me Liberty or Give me Death."


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Robert Alexander Boyle

Robert Alexander Boyle

 Alexander Boyle is a graduate of Trinity College, Hartford, CT where he majored in History. Prior to graduation he co-authored the seminal book Acid Rain in 1983. Alex has worked for the Metropo...