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Some of you may recall a piece we published a few weeks ago titled ‘The Paris Heist'. The link to that piece is here. 

In short, a photographer Joakim Karlsson (@Joakim__Karlsson) and a travelling photo model he works closely with Julia Yaroshenko (@thejulia) were due to shoot in Paris throughout mid to late April. Upon arriving at the Tilde hotel they dumped their stuff down in their room, and headed out for 20 minutes to go get some food and supplies. Their room was raided while they were out. They lost everything, computers, cameras, back ups, storage cards; all in about 15k euros worth of equipment, and a couple of years worth of work stored on the equipment. It was a wipe out event for them both.

It was my intention to write a follow up piece hoping that there had been a positive ending with the criminal or criminals having been arrested and charged, and Joakim and Julia had got some kind of closure on their ordeal, and maybe even some compensation from the hotel.

On Tuesday, I called and spoke to the manger of the Tilde hotel (Mr. Amar) at length. He gave me such a line of bullshit that it has taken a couple of days to actually get over it, and the only conclusion that I can be left with, is that the whole hotel is a cesspit of thieving scum who were all in on it from the top to the bottom, and from the start.

The hotel manager maintains that a guest in the room next door (room 502) to Joakim and Julia was the thief, “who must of got lucky." So below are some points which Mr. Amar - the hotel manager - expected me to believe during our conversation.

1, The guest in the room next door to Joakim and Julia never reserved room with a credit card, he just called up and reserved the room;

2, That guest paid cash for the room;

3, The crooked receptionist forgot to get ID from the guest when he arrived;

4, The Guest in room 502 (the room next to Joakim) was joined by another guest in his room who is not on film arriving at the hotel;

5, The guest of the guest, in the room next door to Joakim and Julia, did not provide ID or stop at the reception when going to his friends’ room, room 502; 

6, The receptionist could not ID the guest of the guest from any imagery on the hotel cameras;

7, There was no sign of forced entry onto Joakim and Julia’s room;

8, The guest who booked the room without a credit card reservation, who paid cash, and who didn’t have his ID checked, name is Samy Karim, but the manager said that might be a false name;

9, Samy only stayed for 2-3 hours at the hotel before he and his mystery friend left.

10,  The manager maintains that there are no key logs for any of the rooms;

11, The specs from the manufacturer of the handles on the hotel doors clearly state that there are key logs available on the hotel handles.

The receptionist knew precisely who was coming to the hotel in advance, and what they were bringing i.e. expensive camera equipment. The hotel, headed up by the receptionist, organised the hit as soon as Joakim and Julia stepped out of the hotel for something to eat. This was an inside job, with the proceeds of the theft likely shared between everyone who works at the hotel; actually, it’s not a hotel, it’s a den of thieves who are just waiting for you to go out for dinner, and, unfortunately for Joakim and Julia, they were quite simply marks, and unbeknown to them, walked into a baited trap.

There is a small positive to take from this, but it won’t help Joakim or Julia on this occasion, unfortunately. That being, we can now build a don’t go section on AAD for crooked hotels and other places and businesses that treat paying customers in this way.

In the meantime, stay away from both hotels in the chain listed below, and tell your friends not to stay there, they will be robbed.

The Tilde Hotel, 48 Avenue de flandre, 75190 Paris France

The Trema Hotel, 189 Rue de crimee, 75019 Paris France

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On a much more positive note, It seems that both Joakim and Julia are starting to build their work and output back up again, and we strongly recommend you follow them as Joakim / Julia make one hell of a team.

Follow Joakim on Instagram here.

Follow Julia on Instagram here.

jb777Follow Julia Yaroshenko here, follow Joakim Karlsson Photography, here

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