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Who is the more drunk, Farage or Juncker?


(1) Farage sobers up the next day to face reality square in the face.

(2) Juncker wouldn't know or recognise reality if he stumbled over it.

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'I'm 53, separated and skint': Nigel Farage reveals the 'price he has paid for Brexit' claiming the referendum triumph has left him 'unable to walk down the street alone' in case he's attacked.

*  Nigel Farage reveals the price he paid for Brexit in a soul-baring interview 

*  Former UKIP leader said his relationship with his second wife 'ran its course'  

*  He claims he never wanted to be a politician but felt that it was his duty 

* The Brexiteer states that the level of aggression he receives is constant

*  Farage says he is enjoying not being in the front line every day which he refers to as a 'seven day a week obsession' 

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It seems official, UKip is too drunk to take out their own enemies


NFarage123Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Nigel Farage has a few choice words for the treacherous Tory Remainers who pulled the rug from under our EU negotiators this week, betraying 17.4 million Brexit voters. ‘Bloody awful people. My contempt for career politicians knows no bounds.

‘Have you ever been to a reception and had a drink with these people? They’re ghastly.

‘I never wanted a career in politics. I still don’t,’ says Farage, who worked in the City full-time until he became an MEP in 1999. ‘The only reason I stood is because I felt it was my duty.’

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