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Major new study into DNA reveals mixed ethnic make-up of the UK.

Study looked at the nation’s ethnicity dating back 500 years from 26 global regions[i]

Reveals the genetic make-up of the average UK resident, and variations in English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish genetic make-ups

Average UK resident is 36.94% British, 21.59% Irish and 19.91% Western European (French/German)

The genetic make-up of the nation has been revealed – with Yorkshire proven to be the most ‘British’ region in the UK, while London is the most ethnically diverse and the East Midlands the most Scandinavian region in the UK.

This is according to new analysis of the genetic history of two million people worldwide by Ancestry, the leader in family history and consumer genomics, based on data collated from the AncestryDNA home DNA test that examines a person’s entire genome at over 700,000 different genetic locations. 

Typical UK resident 

36.94% English

21.59% Irish-Scottish-Welsh

19.91% NW Europe

3% Iberian

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