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During a visit to Nassau in 2004 by one of AAD's reporters, it was heard that Sir Winston Churchill stuck the abdicated Edward VII under American house arrest for the duration of the war because of his pro Nazi leanings.

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In July of 1940, Nazi officials hatched a plan to kidnap Edward VIII, who had abdicated the British throne in 1936, and install him as a puppet ruler in England. It was a bit of a harebrained idea and it never came to fruition. But newly released documents from the National Archives reveal that Winston Churchill nevertheless worked furiously to suppress telegrams detailing the plot, as Alan Travis reports for the Guardian.

Churchill’s unseen letters belonged to a Cabinet file that was published on Thursday by the UK National Archives. According to Robert Hutton of Bloomberg News, the papers had been locked away in a “secret basement storeroom” with other documents deemed “too difficult, too sensitive” for the standard filing system.

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