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Perhaps an even bigger fraud than Mould, Stunt recently called Ecclestone an "evil dwarf", well hopefully the man that put Formula One into the major sporting series on the planet will get his just revenge when this spoiled little thug gets exposed as a complete charlatan. Net worth likely under $10 million and the bulk of that will have been gifts from a once adoring Petra Ecclestone who quite possibly will have learned from this mistake. As they carve up assets, will money spent on Mould "discoveries" become an issue?

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Who is James Stunt? What’s his background?


James Stunt, 35, was born to Geoffrey, a publishing director, and Lorraine Stunt in 1982.

He grew up in the plush neighbourhood of Virginia Water, Surrey.

Stunt had an older brother, Lee, who was tragically found dead at his parents’ mansionin September 2016.

Lee, who was 37 when he died, was chief operating officer for his little brother’s precious metals firm Stunt & Co.

Pals said he had been suffering from depression.

Stunt has three kids with Petra – a girl and twin boys.

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