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As the UK parliamentary election looms this week, and arguably the country’s worst ever terrorist attack having just happened a short time ago in Manchester, and now, yet another attack in London, it would be fair to say that there is complete disbelief at what is going on, on the streets of England at the moment. 

I called the Labour Party North West HQ press office last week after the Manchester attack, spoke to their press office, and presented them with a simple question. “Do you think it’s time to close and bulldoze Mosques that ferment this kind of violent behavior?” The answer was quite simple, too. “ No, completely disagree with that and any member of the Labour party would disagree” I was told. No surprise there as it should be noted that Corbyn played kissy face with the IRA during the worst of the troubles. 

Fast forward to London and last night, so it was confirmed on a call back today, Labour’s position had not changed. 

That press office also suggested last week, that it was too early to have this conversation. Too early? Any premises that allows illegal activity is - or should be - raided and any occupants dealt with in full by the law; what conversation is needed about that?

Conservative party HQ was also called today, and the same question was put to their press department. “Do you think it’s time to close and bulldoze Mosques that ferment this kind of behavior?” I asked. "The Prime Minister’s speech today makes our position clear”, was the response received, further to her speech outside number 10 Downing Street today. And it was a forceful and succinct speech given by Theresa May. Her statement did somewhat, have the feel of an addition to the Conservative manifesto however, but there’s nothing wrong with that, in light of recent events. Assertive leadership in this battle for western values will be essential, moving forward.

Internet giants do have a case to answer as pointed out in Prime Minister May’s statement. Incitement to commit violence and terrorist cross-border communication needs to be snuffed out and deleted on these online platforms, which we all use, but then, the internet is, to a certain degree, a mirror of the real world, and the problem there is, that the vermin will just move to other places in order to communicate. They have other means and other electronic devices. Beyond that, lurks the dark web as well.

You can see Theresa May's Enough is Enough speech here.

The losers who wish to spoil it for everyone, including peaceful Muslims many of whom are scared to speak out, resent any form of integration anywhere, evidenced by a complete disregard as to who is damaged, killed or maimed by their actions, and the internet is not solely to blame for that. Mad mullahs, hate preachers, and open borders should be firmly out front and center in the blame game.

These people who mow down and bomb innocent civilians are more than terrorists; they are armed and dangerous radical Islamist combatants, whose vile ideology seems to be operating with impunity, and appears now to be firmly lodged, on British shores.

The infected Mosques in the UK, which harbor or encourage terrorism need to be held to account and closed, which ultimately assists peaceful Muslims who are constantly and deeply shamed by these acts, through no fault of their own. This may seem like a simple, or indeed, a reductionist statement to make, but there can be no safe-space online or in the real world for radical Islam.

Men and women have died for the freedom and liberty that this country enjoys, and other countries, and terrorist atrocities should not be accepted as ‘normal’ or part and parcel of living in a big city, and therefore by default, permitted to encroach on that freedom and liberty which was fought so hard for, in generations past.

Ask yourselves: if an aircraft dropped a bomb in Manchester killing 22 people and injuring dozens more, how would you respond to that?  Last night in London, Borough Market and its environs, became a theatre of battle. To think anything different, is putting your head in the sand, and completely avoiding the fully armed and lethal rogue elephant in the room.


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