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Art Deco hard points dot the verdant landscape of Normandy. Stylistic as seen from above, new drone photos of indestructible German pillboxes that linger on punctuation marks to a past which today's snowflakes could never comprehend, nor have the courage to take on.

Fortunately our forebearers were made of sterner stuff. When these 18 to 20 year olds landed, their feelings were not halted nor hurt by mere words, as today's college crybabies, instead in direct fire from well trained Nazi combat veterans, these Americans, British, Canadians and Poles stormed ashore to take back a continent possessed by evil. They succeeded and took the fight to the devil himself.

These constructs really are all that remain of that dark era of European history.

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Normandy as you have never seen it before.

Drone images of iconic locations


Some amazing images taken by a drone. Whilst in the Normandy for the 71st anniversary of D-Day the World War II Foundation used a drone to take some fascinating images of iconic places. These images give a unique look at known places from a completely different view point.

In this group, the drone captured images at Longues-sur-Mer battery and elements of the Omaha landscape. There is also a series of images from Brecourt Manor and La Fiere and they will come later in the week.

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