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Editors Note: 498 to 114, a majority of 384. That is function, something lacking from the EU parliament across the channel in Brussels.

Perhaps their representatives should take note of what a real legislative body can do when not subservient to unelected bureaucrats operating under the connivance of German chancellor Merkel and what ever French poodle that sits on her lap.

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The Government's Brexit Bill has been given the go ahead in parliament after two days of intense debate.

The passing of the bill gives Prime Minister Theresa May permission to trigger Article 50 and start formal Brexit talks. In total 114 MPs voted to oppose the UK's divorce with the EU but 498 supported it meaning the yes vote won by a majority of 384.

The vote had caused division within parties and in Labour's case it led to 47 of Jeremy Corbyn's MPs breaking the three-line whip in order to vote against the bill.

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