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One of the largest air shows in the world is currently being held in Zhuhai, China. Currently in its eleventh year, the air show has become the go-to spot for seeing the latest in Chinese military hardware. An impressive number of new airplanes are making their debuts there this year, including the J-20 stealth fighter, Y-20 strategic airlifter, and AG-600 seaplane.

The 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition—known to most people simply as the Zhuhai Air Show—starts November 1st and runs until November 6th, taking place at the China International Aviation Exhibition Center in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. Seven hundred exhibitors from 42 countries and regions around the world will exhibit at the show, but all eyes will be on the latest Chinese aircraft and weapons.

A number of pictures have trickled out of the show a day early, giving us the rundown on what will be on display. The show venue is divided into an Aviation and Aerospace Hall and a Weapons Exhibition Hall.

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