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Editor's Note: As Richard Branson and Elon Musk dream of space travel and high end outer atmosphere tourism, yesterday's explosion of a Space-X on a NASA launch pad shows us that the "Right Stuff" does not come without great risk.

Legendary American pilot Chuck Yeager almost lost his life in an altitude record effort flying an enhanced F-104 in 1963, and that shows us above 80,000 feet is where even angels go not.

Prediction: Virgin Galactic goes absolutely nowhere....

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Musk's bad day: Explosion + stock drops by Tesla, SolarCity = $370 million loss


One of his rockets blew up, and he suffered a paper loss of about $390 million as the stock prices of two of his companies sank. Elon Musk was having a horrible day.

No one was injured in the explosion on Thursday of the $62 million rocket owned by Musk's SpaceX, but the disaster set back the mission to place a satellite over the equator to expand communications in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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