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Whilst there is no specific section within the Geneva convention acts of war in dealing with international cyber attacks, Article 5 does hold within as follows:

NATO’s original founding treaty, designed to safeguard the freedom of member states, identified the trigger for a collective response in Article 5 as “an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America.” NATO Article 5 protection may be applied against a cyber attack, but has not been yet.

Aside from the above, international lawsuits remain an additional and equally viable option. 

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Cyber warfare is a fact of the modern world. However, there is no clear international law that distinguishes between warfare, terrorism, crime or vandalism. As a result, U.S. military cyber warriors are operating without the protections and restrictions their kinetic brethren enjoy under the Geneva Conventions.

The road to those agreements was long, but necessary and it needs to be trod again — before civilians suffer the consequences of unrestricted cyber warfare.

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