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Welcome to our hotly awaited second instalment of, 'Elevator Doors well worth getting to know on Tuesdays'.

Hit play on the YouTube video to soak up the ambience, and be sure to follow your favourite photographer on Instagram in the links provided. 


AED9CCCF 8BE4 416F A901 059DA022BE98Chrysler Building Doors - follow Mary Lynn Abrey on Instagram, here

73F33809 ADAB 4402 8FA7 09884DEF8A5DThe Congress Plaza Hotel - Follow Stan and Donna Cravens on Instagram, here

45BDD6F5 87F4 49E8 963C F731214707F3The Palmer House Hilton - follow Monique on Instagram, here 

AF613530 67EE 49CA BB60 9BAAE16A03AAThe Marine Building - follow Royale on Instagram, here

115981A6 592F 41B1 854D B4AA0D8B97A1Doors in San Diego - follow Greenberg Oak Tree on Instagram, here

FDFF3DDF 98D0 4DB7 A2AD 09130D6FCEA8Fillegree doors at 225 Broadway - follow Ms. Ana Cristina on Instagram, here 

2AABF59E 4793 46C5 8F85 9C396C312FC2Pérez Art Museum Miami - Follow Dusan Zdravkovic on Instagram, here 

B4336348 B066 4828 A542 7955A002D62FSoldiers Memorial Museum Elevator Doors - follow Sarah Weeks on Instagram, here

50396DA4 9E83 49D0 928A 4E8540871088Marriott Essex House New York - follow Ms. Suzanne Lopez on Instagram, here

B58234B4 3759 4A9A 9008 83E8442752CBPenobscot Building - follow Aparna B. on Instagram, here

2D809CD4 03FA 4171 ACCB 3DCA430BF73EChrysler building elevator doors - follow Mary Lynn Mabray on Instagram, here 

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