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Below a selection of stunning elevator doors. 

Hit play on the YouTube video to soak up the ambience, and be sure to follow your favourite photographer on Instagram in the links provided. 

71AE484A 92E7 4BE9 A93A F42284A888CFFollow Wandering Cowgirl on Instagram, here

A861F6D2 528A 4BE5 8B4A 3E4A3FDBEAB5Frick building elevator doors - follow art deco madness on Instagram, here

5E155197 8E9D 4B8D B6D8 8C925C6E3180Grand Concourse elevator doors - follow Art Deco madness on Instagram, here

69BFA92F 3427 48DD 9C13 71E792258BA2Trinity place elevator doors - follow Ms. Deborah Pena on Instagram, here 1EFA9D03 FFCF 436F 80AA 6B2BBD089DC5Follow Ms. Sarah Race on Instagram, here 282E1B35 A2AF 40B3 BAF3 D5480245202EFollow Akanksha on Instagram, here 

2513AEE2 DF26 40AF 8332 0DA04138C6FDThe Carbide and carbon building - follow Ms. Sophie Doaust on Instagram, here

0C64E4A0 1ED1 47C4 ADE7 D0CE43834A35Alfred DuPont Building - follow Kevin Milian on Instagram, here

9A53AB91 129B 41E9 BBAA 4839B46027B7Grand central station - Follow Lucas D.  on Instagram, here

A9CB2607 8ABB 4E54 8192 01FE8D0CCE19Follow Mpomery3 on Instagram, here

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