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Perhaps this would have been the most beautiful plane ever built FE6E3F71 6959 4E74 BAFA D98117A918AF

Northrop's entrant into the Advanced Tactical Fighter competition, the YF-23, has become one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood flying machines of the jet fighter age. Today, many are quick to proclaim that it deserved to win against Lockheed's YF-22. That is certainly debatable, especially considering the aircraft's unique attributes in relation to the realities of air combat today and the fact that YF-23 checked every box on the USAF's rubric just like its competitor. Yet one of the questions I get asked the most is what would an F-23A have looked like? The F-22A changed significantly in form from its YF-22 technology demonstrator progenitor and the truth is Northrop's offering would have as well.

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FE6E3F71 6959 4E74 BAFA D98117A918AF

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