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Fire Lasers!

One flying carpet taken down captain

What about the China man on the bicycle? 

Your moo shoo gai pan might be well done captain. No sign of delivery boy.

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(National Harbor, Md.) The US Navy’s stealthy new first-of-its kind destroyer will incinerate targets with lasers, fire advanced weapons to destroy moving targets at sea and use upgraded interceptor missiles to track and knock-out approaching enemy fire -- all as part of a broader strategic shift to prepare the high-tech ship for massive, “blue-water” maritime warfare on the open seas.

The USS Zumwalt, now going through combat and weapons activation in anticipation of its first deployment, will receive new Maritime Tomahawk missiles able to track and explode moving targets at sea, SM-6 IA interceptors, long-range precision guns and -- quite likely in the very near future - laser weapons, according to the DDG 1000-USS Zumwalt Program Manager, Naval Sea Systems Command, Capt. Kevin Smith.

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F4826F0C 9CC9 46B0 A849 144AD195E6D6

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