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Guided by the best infrared tracking lenses designed to find stealth fighter jets of unknown origin, it appears these guys have kicked open a pandoras box.

Here Are The Navy Pilot Reports From Encounters With Mysterious Aircraft Off The East Coast.

51 healthy SAAM 1983.95.159 1 mount1844

Nearly one year ago, Navy fighter pilot testimony about a seemingly bizarre rash of encounters with unidentified craft flying in restricted airspace off the east coast hit the new cycle with a bang. In the months that have followed, limited additional details about those encounters have come to light. Meanwhile, The War Zone has been slowly assembling the building blocks of a case that may explain them. What we were still missing was any official Navy documentation that alludes to them. Now that has changed, and you may be surprised as to what these newly obtained documents actually say and when the incidents they described occurred—or didn't occur—for that matter.

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51 healthy SAAM 1983.95.159 1 mount1844

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