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Enjoying my favorite beverage the other night (hint: it has bubbles) I noticed that last year’s Hugo Boss award winner, Danh Vo, has a show coming up at the Guggenheim. OK – full disclosure here - I worked on the Hugo Boss awards project some years ago, with the now deceased Guggenheim Soho (the program was started in 1996). I have to say that I hadn’t heard about it recently and found myself pleasantly surprised that it was still going – unlike other awards, it has no restrictions on age or nationality . Fashion/art/5 curators from both worlds, and interesting things result.


Which started me thinking about other really interesting collaborations about the worlds of art and fashion.


Agnes B – the French designer – opened Galerie du Jour in 1984 in the Marais in Paris, integrating it right alongside her clothing stores. Commercial? Not a bit. Kenneth Anger? Really? The gallery specializes in – but isn’t restricted to – photography and video - well that and interesting stuff they just feel like showing.

How about sponsoring an art school? Georgio Armani started a partnership in 2012 with the Australian National Art School. Not only is he sponsoring a show for 50 graduates, but touring work from the show in Armani stores throughout Australia. In addition, Armani’s opened an artist-in-residence studio in Milan which Giulia might like to check out?


And Louis Vuitton – well, this required a second glass of bubbles. We all know about Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kasama – but how about James Turrell (bet that one was a surprise)? And now they are exploring original artworks with artists such as Janaina Tschape. (whose previous video work was done with the help of professional mermaids – yes – and that isn’t just the champagne talking.) Curated by C-Art, and the wonderful Marc Pottier, Vuitton is now incorporating art into its actual spaces – exhibitions of not just handbags, but original artwork.. Next opening, Miami, later this week.

It ‘s the kind of synthesis where everybody benefits.

And yes, I will have just one more glass…..