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The First Retired A380 Has Now Been Scrapped. Born amidst hype and grandeur the sloppy assembly of state supported airplane makers,- Eurocrats slapped together to compete with Boeing saw their product meet the cruel standards of the resale market as the first leases expire.

Their elephant of the sky found no takers not even a parking spot in dusty Victorville California. Alas this once airborn orphan met its fate in the knackers yard, stripped for parts or reduced to scrap.

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The first retired A380 has found its way to the scrap heap, only slightly over a decade old. The scrapping process took 11 months to complete, with 90% of the aircraft components being recycled into existing A380s (as spare parts) or for new aircraft construction.

According to Airways Mag, the first A380 has completed its retirement process in Tarbes Lourdes Airport. The airplane, which previously flew for Singapore Airlines, had successfully operated for over 10 years for the carrier.

Singapore Airlines already had another A380 due to replace the aircraft and, with no one else willing to take the aircraft (only one A380 has successfully transitioned to the second hand market with Hi Fly), it was sent to be scrapped.

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