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Is Not Good.

Booze sodden Russians have issues with Nuclear weapons, especially when they don't have stolen American plans to guide them.

Presumably Americamskis designed when sober.

Because of Comrade-Blackout-deadly-Russian-military-test-site accident will likely remain a mystery.

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An accident at a Russian military test site that claimed the lives of five nuclear agency workers and sent radiation levels spiking is likely to remain shrouded in mystery, after Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov on Friday said information around the incident would stay "strictly classified."

The explosion, which happened during the summer near the village of Nyonoksa, about 30 miles west of the port city of Severodvinsk, prompted widespread international speculation that the accident involved a nuclear-powered cruise missile, known as the Burevestnik or Skyfall.

Although Russia is developing such a missile, Peskov has repeatedly declined to say what weapons were specifically tested.  

To read more on CNN:

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