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Designed by McKim Meade and White this former college fraternity house will be restored to its former glory.

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Built by a firm whose works became physical analogs of the growing aristocracy in America from the late 19th century through the early 20th, St. Anthony Hall is a former chapter house for the secretive Delta Psi Fraternity. The building was incorporated into the Williams College campus in 1966 and now houses its Center for Development Economics.  

In 1885, architect Stanford White of McKim, Mead & White designed the Old English style hall in a bold deviation from the Beaux Arts style for which the firm became known. St. Anthony Hall is topped by steeply-pitched roofs and its design nods to the collegiate gothic style that would permeate campuses across the United States in the decades following. However, White is more notably associated with projects like the triumphal arch at Washington Square (1889), the second Madison Square Garden (1890), the Villard Houses (1884), and several clubhouses that would epitomize the glamor of New York’s high society. 

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