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Communist decay, is this what Comrad Corbyn wants us to aspire to?

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Exploring dilapidated and abandoned buildings is not for the faint of heart — you never know when one wrong step can send an entire ancient structure tumbling down.

For the last eight years, Roman Robroek, a photographer born and raised in the Netherlands, has taken hauntingly beautiful photos of abandoned buildings, deserted castles, eerie churches, important landmarks, and more all over the world. 

"When I started my urban photography journey, I mostly saw empty, abandoned and decayed buildings. It didn't take long before curiosity struck me," Robroek told Business Insider. "What was the story behind those buildings? Who used to live there? What purpose did these objects serve and why were they abandoned? This curiosity created a close bond between me and urban photography and I have since visited so many beautiful locations all over the world."

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