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The luxury yacht that functioned in deepwater exploration. Indeed it was this the Rolls Royce of the high seas that found the USS Lexington.

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If you are a fighting ship aficionado, you probably also have at least a tangential interest in big yachts. Sometimes the line between the two categories of vessels blurs to the point of near indistinguishability. All my life I have been fascinated with the world's ultimate private ships, both old and new. Today, even in a competitive era of ever-larger mega yachts that can rival cruise ships in size, it's not just about mass, it's also about quality and creative ship design, which can border on downright genius. Maybe the smartest mega yacht of them all design-wise is the late Paul Allen's Octopus, an iconic vessel in the yachting universe and one that you can now own for $325,000,000—roughly the price of five G650 Gulfstream jets.

The Microsoft co-founder and legendary entrepreneur's death has led to the liquidation of many of his most prized, but eccentric belongings. From the world's largest aircraft that was built to put satellites into orbit, to his mint and very flyable MiG-29UB Fulcrum jet fighter, much of the contents of Allen's incredible toy chest are being sold off to the highest bidder. His beloved Octopus is now part of what is something of the world's most outlandish estate sale.

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