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“They’re back on me,” Dauzet told me over the phone after his helper, Jesse, emailed me about the situation on Monday. Dauzet says he recently received a registered letter from the township, which—after allegedly having left Dauzet alone for at least the past four months—wrote to notify the car enthusiast that he had to remove the remainder of his vehicles by a looming deadline. Dauzet didn’t share the letter with me, but he did describe its contents, simply stating: “[It said] you got until the 17th [of August] to get everything out of the yard.”

Dauzet thinks that’s too tall of an order. “They give me three weeks or less to get rid of the 50 cars...That’s pretty freaking tight because I couldn’t make 20 in a month,” he told me a few days later over the phone. “Now they want me to get 50 in three weeks, it’s an impossibility. Nobody can do that unless you do what I did.”

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