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Be it invisible to radar, or just so plain fast a twin engined jet outruns a rocket at 90,000 feet, the quantum leaps made by the United States can be truncated down to two words. Skunk Works, as in the Lockheed Martin top flight design facility in Palmdale, California formerly run by the legendary Clarence Kelly Johnson (1910-1990), architect of the F-104 Starifhgter, U-2 Dragon Lady and the Mach 3.5 SR-71 Blackbird.

Today came the leak they are building a portable fusion reactor. From anybody else that would be blowing pure smoke. From the skunk works that means the prototype has been built and now they are trying to produce it in quantity. Nobody else is the world has a functional fusion reactor, as in more power out than power goes in, yet it seems the Johnson Boys have (at least) one, "to go."

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Lockheed Martin’s ambitious plans to develop a compact fusion reactor (CFR) to provide clean nuclear energy remain on track according to the company and are set to move to the next stage with the completion this year of a scaled up, more powerful test reactor at the Skunk Works in Palmdale, California. Updating progress on the CFR project to Aviation Week which first broke news of the initiative in 2014, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works vice president and general manager Jeff Babione ...

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