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For a nation legendary for poor quality control building, the largest dam in the world in an earth quake prone region may be the ultimate folly. Before reading the state propaganda defense below take a look at a Scientific American article predicting disaster in design.

Integrity of China’s Three Gorges Dam questioned despite officials dismissing it as safe. The ultimate mandarin bizarre Mao Zedong, deranged father of China's communist revolution, rhapsodized the dam in a poem, so expect more nonsense before this too comes tumbling down

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China’s Three Gorges Dam, the world’s biggest and most controversial hydropower structure, was rumored to have been cracking and splitting as people posted satellite images of the structure last week. Chinese officials stated the structure was sound, denying online rumors that the construction was at risk of collapse.

Safety experts of the government-run China Three Gorges Corporation said on its official website that the dam had warped a few millimeters due to temperature and water level changes, but the changes were well within their normal range of safety indicators, Reuters reported.

To read more on Fox News:

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