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Houston comes alive.

Fifty years after the Eagle landed, the mission control room that sent us to the moon and back is fully restored. According to one Apollo veteran, he was overwhelmed by the renovated mission control—“I hear the voices”.

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HOUSTON—Following the completion of a multi-year, multi-million-dollar restoration, NASA's historic Apollo Mission Operations Control Room 2 ("MOCR 2") is set to reopen to the public next week. The $5 million in funding for the restoration was partially provided by Space Center Houston, but the majority of the money was donated by the city of Webster, the Houston suburb where the Johnson Space Center is located. Another half-million in funding came from the general public via a Kickstarter campaign (disclosure: your humble author was a backer).

At times on Friday, Kranz appeared to be overcome with emotion as he reminisced about those heady days 50 years ago. "When I walked into that viewing room it was dazzling," he said. "Overwhelming. All of a sudden you were 50 years younger. I wanted to get to work."

Before the restoration, the old Apollo flight control room, which was used for the early space shuttle missions and then largely abandoned, had deteriorated.The carpet was torn and held together with yellow Duct tape. Visitors had picked over the original consoles for souvenirs. "That place was not representative of historic mission control," he said.

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