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In a 2019 Paris air show debut, Zut alors, le 6th generation Eurofighter looks a whole lot like the McDonnell Douglas/Northrop YF-23 the American runner up on 1992 for what became the F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter a ghost on radar more maneuverable than anything else on the planet. The better looking YF-23 was said to have longer range at supersonic speed with slightly less agility.

The joint German-French press release reads:

On June 17, 2019 during the Paris Air Show 2010, Dassault unveiled the first mockup of the France German Future Combat Air System (FCAS)/ System de Combat Aeroen Future (SCAF), the 6th generation stealth fighter aircraft designed to replace the Rafale and Eirpfighter. During the same ceremony, the Spanish defense minister signed an agreement which Spain joins as partner nation, welcomed by the defense ministers of France and Germany and the little French President Macron who attended with his mommy, err, wife.

The main difference between the YF-23 of 1992 and le stealth of 2019 is the latter has a delta wing.

For more see:

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BFE9DAA0 BB40 4A87 9020 D96DE052971DYF 23s in 1992 - 30 years before France or Germany will get something like this off the ground


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