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At 1050 feet tall, structure set to rise from a Danish village of 7,000. This planned solitary spire has drawn comparison to the Eye of Sauron.

The Sauron analogy is timely because east of Brexit is where the EU continues to lie under Stasi mole Merkel and her drunken flunky Junker.

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A 1,050-foot skyscraper soaring out the earth isn't exactly what you'd expect to come across in a corner of rural Denmark, and yet one may soon become a reality. 

Fast-fashion giant Bestseller just secured final approval from the council of Brande to build their eponymous tower in the town of just 7,000 citizens. 

When built, the Bestseller Tower, designed by Danish architect Dorte Mandrup, will be the tallest building in western Europe, beating out the Shard in London by 34 feet.

To read more on Business Insider:

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