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The hottest "antiques" market right now are the classic sports cars from the 1950s to 1970s. Ferraris to Porsche dance in the dreams of retiring babyboomers looking to rekindle lost youth, aided in their financial investment acumen by the fact if/when these cars sell at auction there is zero capital gain tax on them. That depends on the jurisdiction, in America I refer to the Federal income tax.

Screen Shot 2018 06 08 at 19.54.041957-TRC-500This rose strewn field is not without its logistical bottlenecks, in the classic car restoration field there is a term to describe the extreme challenge of finding parts that are no longer made, with the skills to even mill similar parts lost to age, retirement and death. That word is "Unobtainium," so consider that when reading about this extraordinary find of 1960s vintage car parts.

Screen Shot 2018 06 08 at 20.09.00Ferrari 1964 250M

Coys described the car parts for Ferraris as being used on the following: rarer models such as the 250 SWB, 250 GTO, 275, Competition Daytona, F40 and 512LM, along various other Italian competition cars.

To read more on Fox News:

Screen Shot 2018 06 07 at 04.50.19

Screen Shot 2018 06 08 at 19.56.541966 Ferrari 275 GTB FGT

storage container ferrari tailStorage Container Ferrari Tail

parts from storageParts from storage


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