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Surely, a most enjoyable way of spending a Thursday evening is by sipping a splendid panoply of Grgich Hill’s fine wines at The Yale Club. Combined with the gastronomic delights of Chef Kerli, the chosen wines made a most perfect treat, marrying sense to sensibility.

sipping the wine 1

The story behind Grgich’s Hills success is well-known. As Violet Grgich noted, her father’s passion began in his homeland Croatia where, since his early youth, he trod knee-high in grapes. Upon coming to America, he began working at the Chateau Montelana in Napa and the rest is history. When his famous chardonnay surpassed the other wines at the Paris Tasting of 1976, Mike Grgich’s position in the elite world of wine was solidified. He soon joined forces with Austin Hills to form what is now Grgich Hills Estate.

sipping the wine 2sipping the wine 3Our initial venture into the sublime came with a tasting of Grgich Hills Estate’s Fume Blanc 2010. “Fruity and flavorful,” as Eve Tetzlaff, a fellow club member, commented was just the start of this wine’s flowering. It seemed to blossom, indeed, come to fulfillment when paired with the asiago cheese, each one bringing out the full sensations of the other.

Another favorite was Grgich’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2009. This deep and bold wine, smelling of blackberries, licorice, and leather formed the perfect duet of serious and sensuous tastes. It was, as Rochelle Ohrstrom noted, “smooth and velvety as the empresses brocade.”
As a final treat, we were served Violetta 2009, Grgich’s sweet savory dessert wine. Swirling within our palattes, the sugery tastes blended well with the pumpkin creme brulee dessert, creating an ineffable richness of flavor.

In what must called an oenophile’s feast, Grgrich Hills afforded us a treat in sipping the wine fantastic.