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b29 DSC 0884B-29 Superfortress

b29 DSC 0887B-29 Superfortress Cockpit

millenium falcon min 1Millenium Falcon Cockpit

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Restored Boeing B-29 Superfortress ‘FiFi’ Takeoff – Filmed From The Cockpit!


In this video, we see a truly magnificent plane, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, affectionately known as ‘FiFi.’ 

This Superfortress was built by the aircraft company Boeing at the Renton factory in Washington. Its serial number is 44-62070. It was based in Kansas, starting its service life in 1945. After the war it was converted to an administrative plane. But such a beautiful machine could not stay still for long. In 1953 it returned to the skies, only to be retired in 1958. 

Now the Commemorative Air Force, or CAF, a group dedicated to the celebration of service aircraft, was searching for B-29s. They asked the government for one and were told that if and when a B-29 was found, they could have it.

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